Making Your Shoes

We make our moccasins and all our other shoes with love and care in our own family workshop. Let’s have a look at just how we do it.




It all starts with cutting out the individual sections of the outer and lining leather. You can learn more about leather here. We use press knives for cutting out, but some of our shoes are cut out by hand.


The next step is gluing and stitching, which is the most time-consuming part, and this may take up to an hour since we glue everything by hand. First we apply the adhesive to the vertical heel strip that connects the left and right sections of the shoe, then we sew through the strip using a sewing machine as you see in the picture. Then the outer and lining leather is glued and there is more stitching, at which stage the final product is already beginning to take shape, and our “ugly duckling” is clearly turning into a beautiful swan. When the leather upper is completed, it’s glued to the 4.5 mm-thick sole.




When we’re working on a new design not yet available on our website, we take great care to produce detailed pictures that present the product as faithfully as possible. We always try to photograph them in their natural environment, that is outdoors. Sometimes we even wait for several days for the ideal light conditions.