Barefoot moccasins

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Barefoot is a style of footwear which copies the shape of the foot, leaves sufficient room for the big toe and other toes, and has a thin, flexible sole. We walk in this footwear as if we are walking barefoot: the thin sole makes us take shorter steps, we do not land on the heel, and we use the big toe and other toes, engaging the longitudinal and transverse arch, and exercising the musculature of the whole foot. In this way our pattern of walking gradually reverts to the way nature intended, and fallen arches and hallux valgus deformities are rectified. As a result, the whole body starts to function in the pain-free way it was naturally designed to, as was the case before we started wearing modern shoes with rigid heelpieces, high heels and cramped toeboxes.

Our Barefoot moccasins are made of soft leather that adapts to the feet in all aspects. They are mainly designed for wearing outdoors, but you can also use them as indoor slippers or wear them at work. Quick and easy to put on, they stay in place on the feet very well.

The 4 mm thick base is flexible and soft so that you feel the surface beneath your feet, yet very resistant to puncturing with sharp objects, and doesn't slide in the rain.

We manufacture the moccasins by hand in our own family workshop in sizes 36-42. Use our guide here to choose the right size for you. If you prefer to try before you buy, you can also visit us in our family firm where you can look at the shoes, try them on and choose the right size.


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