How to measure the length of your foot

We want to make sure that our shoes fit you properly, so we've drawn up this simple guide to measuring your feet correctly and accurately. Please use only this method of measuring when ordering our Barefoot footwear.

What you'll need:

A pen or pencil1b-pro-web
A blank sheet of A4 paper to stand on and mark your foot measurement
A set square
A long ruler or a tape measure
Another person to help you make the measurement

NOTE: Always measure both feet in case they are not exactly the same length.

Stand on the sheet of paper with your heel at a right angle to a wall or other flat upright surface (such as a wardrobe or cabinet) with your heel touching the wall. Stand with your weight distributed equally on both feet, and ask your helper to measure the length of your foot by putting the set square right in front of your big toe, and making a mark on the paper. If you don't have a set square, you can use any object with a right angle, such as a solid box.

If you have no-one to help you, you can make the mark yourself, but make sure your weight is spread equally across both feet.

Now measure the distance from the end of the paper touching the wall to the mark you made on the paper. This will give you the actual length of your foot. Do the same again with your other foot. Add an overlength of 3 – 5 mm to the measured length of your feet, and you will get the size you need when placing your order.

The width of your feet can be measured in the same way. Place the outer edge of your foot against the wall, put the set square against the inner part of your foot, and make a mark. Then measure the length from the mark on the paper to the wall, and you will get the final width of your foot. We don’t need any overlength when measuring the width.


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