Barefoot vs modern footwear

The wide toe area of Barefoot footwear copies the shape of the foot, unlike modern shoes which cramp the toes inwards from both sides.

barefoot obuv

Barefoot shoes should be made of soft and pleasant material with a flexible base 3 – 6 mm thick, which can adapt to the foot in all aspects.


They're not reinforced with any braces or rigid heel pieces.

barefoot obuv

Barefoot shoes are designed to fit with an overlength. For our shoes the overlength should be about 3 – 5 mm. The overlength is the space inside the shoe in front of the toes which allows unrestricted movement for the feet as if you’re walking naturally barefoot.

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They don't have a raised heel: the sole is flat, so there's no difference in the sole height between the heel and the toe.

BAREFOOT SHOES are very light, weighing only a few hundred grams. They feel like a second skin: so comfortable and pleasant on your feet that you won't want to take them off.