Primavera Barefoot ankle-high boots - black

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Basic information

With their rounded toebox giving them a feminine look, our Primavera Barefoot low ankle-high boots are particularly well suited to feet with longer toes and the sturdy zipper on the inner side means slipping them on and off is a breeze. The soft and flexible rubber sole, just 4.5 mm thick, lets you feel the ground beneath your feet and is robust enough to resist piercing. Add our NanoConcept leather spray and you will maximise the water-repellent effect of your boots.


Materials and functionality

We manufacture all our shoes by hand from high-quality leather sourced from local suppliers. The leather adapts constantly to the individual contours of your feet, and in the course of time the colouring may change slightly. With proper care and regular treatment with our leather spray, your Luks shoes will last you for several seasons.

Our Barefoot ankle-high boots gently wrap around the instep and the heel, and they don’t slip off the feet. The leather is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the boots will stretch by a few mm, keeping a small overlength in front of the toes. 

Leather is a natural material with its own unique and original charm. Every pair is original.



Sole thickness: 4.5 mm 
Height of the smallest size (36): 16 cm
Measurement around the calf of the smallest size (36): 28 cm

They are best suited to feet where the big toe is the longest.

Caring for your shoes

Before you wear them for the first time we recommend using Nano leather spray for textiles and leather, and when necessary, a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Note that if you use an oil-based leather spray the leather will become darker, and this change is irreversible.

What does Barefoot mean?


Barefoot is a style of footwear which copies the shape of the foot, leaves sufficient room for the big toe and other toes, and has a thin, flexible sole. We walk in this footwear as if we are walking barefoot: the thin sole makes us take shorter steps, we do not land on the heel, and we use the big toe and other toes, engaging the longitudinal and transverse arch, and exercising the musculature of the whole foot. In this way our pattern of walking gradually reverts to the way nature intended, and fallen arches and hallux valgus deformities are rectifiedAs a result, the whole body starts to function in the pain-free way it was naturally designed to, as was the case before we started wearing modern shoes with rigid heelpieces, high heels and cramped toeboxes.

Once you try our Barefoot shoes, we believe you won't want any other kind. They really feel like your second skin.

Making our shoes

We make all our shoes from high-quality leather. LEATHER IS A NATURAL MATERIAL, SO EVERY PAIR IS ORIGINAL AND THE STRUCTURE MAY SLIGHTLY DIFFER FROM THE PICTURE. The leather gradually adapts to the feet and the colouring may change slightly over time. With proper care and regular treatment with leather spray, your Luks shoes will last you for several seasons.

You can have a closer look here at how we make our moccasins.

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Colour: black

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