Milagro Barefoot all-year-round boots - brown

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So comfortable you don’t realise you have them on

Luks Barefoot boots are so soft, roomy and minimalist that you don’t even know you have them on. They’re also ideal for those colder summers and milder winters, for spring and autumn too - in fact, for all the year round! You can lace them up tightly or more loosely for the perfect fit for your instep. For colder weather, we recommend that you slip our Merino wool insole into your boots.

The soles are specially designed to give you maximum slip-resistance and grip.



  • The most versatile boots from our workshop
  • You can wear them from spring to autumn, and even in milder winters
  • The lace-up fastening lets you adjust the boots to your instep height
  • Team them up with our Merino insoles
  • The higher ankles keep the dirt out of your shoes


  • You may have to loosen the lacing to help you put the boots on more easily


Let your feet function naturally

The Barefoot style is all about allowing your feet to function naturally and making them stronger. Barefoot shoes have ample room for your toes, soft and flexible soles, and supple and flexible uppers and outer sections, which mean that the boots as a whole are flexible.

Barefoot footwear is suitable even if you have bunions (hallux valgus) and fallen transverse or longitudinal arches. Walking in Barefoot shoes has a positive effect on these conditions, especially if you incorporate suitable foot exercises.


Choosing the right size

The shoes from our workshop may seem slightly bigger on the feet, and the leather will loosen by a few mm as you wear them in, so we recommend choosing a smaller size as our customers normally do.

We recommend that you follow our guide when measuring your feet to choose the right size. You can find detailed instructions on this page. We recommend adding an overlength of 3 – 5 mm to your measured length, and use this figure to choose your right size. Whether your foot type is ‘Egyptian’ or ‘Roman‘, the ample toe room will ensure a perfect fit. 

If you have wider feet, don’t worry about the width measurements. The listed width shows the distance between the stitching on both sides of the shoe, but there will be ample room for your feet.

Use our guide to choosing the right size, and if you’re not sure about your size, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, and we’ll be happy to help.


Sole: 4.5 mm
The total height of the smallest size (36): 10,6 cm
Style: lace-up
Material: leather
Season: spring/autumn
Gender: women, unisex


Maintaining your shoes

Before you wear them for the first time, we recommend treating your boots with the Nano leather spray for textile and leather and if they’re dirty a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use oil-based leather sprays as the leather would darken, and this change is irreversible! Don’t dry them by any direct heat source.

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Colour: brown
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S Avatar of author | 07/03/2024
Merveilleuse découverte! J’ai l’impression de les avoir toujours portées. La sensation pieds nus est parfaite. La douceur et la souplesse du cuir sont comme une deuxième peau!!!
Avatar of author | 20/04/2022
I have worn barefoot shoes for years now and Milagro has become one of my favorites and actually the shoes that have received most compliments! I wear them with jeans and dress and to describe them shortly thes super light shoes are made of super soft leather and have a thin sole and the width is great. The leather adapt to the feet so if you have bunions this will probably be a very good choice. I´m very happy that I found Luks shoes!
A Avatar of author | 15/01/2022
The shoes are very soft and they are made very solid . They also have a very soft leather inner lining. They feel like I almost have no shoes on my feet, so soft . I think they are my best bare foot shoes ever.
B Avatar of author | 01/08/2021
I just want everyone to know that this company has the most amazing customer service. There was a slight problem with my order and they have gone out of their way to make it right! Beautiful workmanship and beautiful people. I highly highly highly recommend!
BK Avatar of author | 12/07/2021
Ich liebe meine neuen Schuhe! Ich wollte immer Barfußschuhe und habe nun mit den Schuhen von Lukshoes genau die gefunden, die für mich optimal sind: Sie passen perfekt, das Leder ist super weich, das Laufgefühl ist himmlisch. Qualitativ sind die Schuhe ausgezeichnet verarbeitet, der Kontakt war sehr angenehm!
SA Avatar of author | 26/02/2021
I love these boots! At first I was slightly worried they'd be a bit snug, but the leather is so soft and fit my feet perfectly. They are very well made, excellent quality leather, and are so comfy - I barely feel like I'm wearing shoes at all. The ground feedback is amazing - I can feel everything, which I love. 10/10 for customer service as well. They were amazingly helpful getting the right size and they were very friendly.
E Avatar of author | 03/01/2021
Beautiful booties!! the size is perfect, materials of excellent quality, well-finished details. compliments!! I will definitely buy other models!! Suuuuper!! I love my shoes!!
L Avatar of author | 01/07/2020
I am a man, but the men's boots (Plumas) didn't run small enough for me (I am normally a UK size 7), so I got the Milagro. They look like a unisex boot to my eyes. Disclaimer: I can't comment on durability, as I have only had them for a couple of weeks. Also, it hasn't rained whilst I've been wearing them. I imagine they would be fine in short periods of light rain, but they are not wet weather shoes. Summary * Price: 5 stars. When you consider you are paying a craftsperson a fair price (hopefully!) for their labour time and they are using high quality materials, the price is very good. * Quality: 5 stars. Time will tell, but my non-expert impression is that they are well-made, and the leather feels good. On receiving them, there were no obvious blemishes, either in the leather or in the manufacturing. * Comfort: 5 stars. There truly is no break-in period. The leather is supple and soft, but not delicate. The shoes are very light. It's like wearing slippers, except that it's socially acceptable to wear these boots in a cafe! (And they have no padding, of course.) * Delivery time: 4 stars. If you're in a hurry, look elsewhere! I was content to wait, and the boots arrived within the 4-week period quoted by the manufacturers, so it wasn't a problem for me. * Communications: 5 stars. I had to email the company to ask about the differences between Milagro and Plumas, and about sizing, and they replied promptly and helpfully. A few additional comments/wandering thoughts * I found the sizing instructions from Luks Shoes to be a good predictor of the right size for me. * I find them to be very warm. In fact, even on only moderately warm summer days, my feet feel a bit too warm. This might just be me, though, and it bodes well for the colder months. * I fitted eyelets (with washers) to the lace holes, because I was worried that the holes would be enlarged over time. They look really good; I wish I could upload photos with this review! If you wish to make the same modification, you should use 5 mm eyelets and fit them before you start wearing the boots. I used a colour called "antique copper", which looks fab. * The soles are stitched to the uppers, so I doubt you could get them resoled at a normal cobbler's, where they slice the bottom of the sole off and glue a new one on. When the time comes, I wonder if Luks Shoes will offer a resole service. I don't think there are many cobblers left in the UK who manufacture in the same way, and they might not use sufficiently thin/flexible soles. Just wondering ...
M Avatar of author | 02/04/2020
Really lovely shoe brand. For the first time I really felt as if I was not wearing any shoes at all. The leather is super soft and has a beautiful finish. The groundfeel of the sole is amazing. And there are no restrictions at all for your toes, you can even wear them with toe spreaders without so much as feeling your shoe on your toes. The width is the main reason why I tried this brand and they definitely do not disappoint! The only thing I would like more is if the look of the Corriente shoes for women were a little more feminine. That is why I chose the Milagro instead. They work better as a unisex shoe.
M Avatar of author | 16/09/2018
The fit on these is the same as the low shoes, but they come up higher on the ankle. I chose the brown, which is really beautiful and perfect for autumn. They’re soft and wide and foot-shaped - I love them! The sole is really thin and flexible too. Highly recommended.