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Verano Barefoot sandals – wide fit

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

Barefoot sandals made of soft leather with two leather straps over the toes. The leather is soft and very pleasant on the feet. The straps will loosen as needed and adapt to the feet.


A metal buckle fastening to a choice of five holes for narrow or wide ankles. The dark leather insole doesn’t stain the feet and dirt is invisible on it. Decorative stitching around the whole sandal in the colour of the straps puts the finishing touches to the overall appearance.

The Barefoot sandals are glued to a 4mm thick flexible rubber base in dark brown.


For sandals we recommend to choose an overlength of about 5mm for feet with a prominent big toe.


For choosing the right size you can use our guide here.


Při výběru správné velikosti vám pomůže náš průvodce výběrem správné velikosti zde.

barefoot sandále

dámské barefoot sandále


bareoot obuv


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J Avatar of author | 3.3.2020
Really great pair of sandals. Lightweight, super comfortable, genius placement of the straps, very classic dark brown colour which I can imagine suits all of my outfits. Not as sporty looking as most minimal barefoot sandals for ladies. My first purchase from Botyluks, I measured my feet according to their guide and size chart and nailed it. I have been wearing barefoot shoes for a year now and these are the comfiest so far. Straps are adjustable which for me means that I get longer wear out of them as I use them more and they adapt and might loosen. The heel sits comfortably and doesnt feel like slipping. Extra points for minimal packaging - no plastic waste if you tend to reuse padded envelopes. The pictures on this site are realistic for what I got, and the process from placing the order to receiving my shoes took approx. 6 weeks which in my opinion is a really healthy way to shop. Really great value for money. All in all, will be saving up money to buy their boots next!!! Thank you for your craftsmanship and all the best.
R Avatar of author | 24.9.2019
I'm very fussy with shoes and often don't wear any because I'd rather be barefoot than be uncomfortable. However, there are times when shoes are necessary or useful. It's such a relief to have shoes that don't hurt my feet!! And more than that, they are well-made from the softest leather and it's almost possible to forget you are wearing them. The shoes at size 36 suit my 23.2x9.7 feet perfectly with room for healthy splay without feeling loose or flappy. Customer service was excellent and I hope to be a repeat customer sometime. Although I will have to save up a little (I'd love some boots for the winter), I do think Luk shoes are excellent value and worth the price! Thank you for everything you do.
KB Avatar of author | 13.6.2018
These sandals are fantastic! The first footwear that is actually shaped like my feet and the first footwear that was comfortable right from the start: no chafing, no blisters, just pure barefoot bliss in a super stylish package! I've been wearing them almost non-stop since I got them a couple of weeks ago and I just really don't want to wear anything else anymore. They are as lightweight, flexible and minimalist as those DIY huaraches, with the same superb groundfeel, but a hundred times more comfortable thanks to the luxurious, velvety soft leather straps and top sole. The leather looks and feels delicate, but is actually perfectly hard-wearing: no signs of wear whatsoever after several weeks of daily use. The sole is thin, dense and flexible with a subtle but grippy tread. Size-wise the wide 37 is spot on for my 23.7 x 10 cm feet. Thanks to the clever way the straps are angled, subtly wrapping around the big toe joint, my feet stay in place very well. I can walk, run, do whatever I want in them; I barely notice I'm wearing anything at all, really, they're so light and soft!

Perhaps you're wondering who the vision is behind the LukShoes brand? It’s me, Lenka Luksova, but not just me alone, because I would never have been able to make it without the help of my family who have been in this venture with me right from the word go. They are my father - Vaclav, mother - Monika, and my brother - Vaclav Luks jr. We all work hard on the new designs for our shoes putting our heads together daily, helping one another and offering valuable advice for which I’m very thankful. I can say for both myself and my whole family that this work gives us a sense of fulfilment, and it is your orders and interest in our shoes that (literally!) put a spring in our step and keep us on our toes - day in, day out.

My journey to Barefoot footwear: my passion, my life.

Back in 2016 when I signed up for Pilates lessons, I got talking to the instructor and it was she who first told me about Barefoot footwear. That got me interested and I thought I would give it a try, so I bought my first Bf shoes, and soon found myself hooked on the Barefoot walking concept.

In the course of time, people around me also started wearing Bf shoes, but we found that there wasn't much to choose from on the market. And that was when I had my Eureka moment: “Hey - Barefoot shoes! What if I started making my own?”

It was not long after that our shoes as you now know them first saw the light of day. The first ones were the summer sandals. I spent many long days and weeks creating my shoe designs, finding out what worked and what didn't, and following them through.

One of my strong characteristics is not to give up, and I also take that as my mantra. I’m very grateful to my father for his experience gained by many years of practice that drives my quest day by day to my long-term goal, which is a healthy style of footwear for everybody.

And that, my friends, is the story. It's my story and the story of my family that is constantly developing. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this.

THANK YOU on behalf of the LukShoes team, Lenka

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