Walking the Barefoot way

Try to keep your body upright when walking. Slow down and try to land on your feet, keeping your feet as straight as possible, with the toes pointing forward. Focus on the walking. The foot should push off from the ground using all the toes.

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How do I do that?

Gradually shift the weight from the heel towards the front, pressing your toes into the ground with the big toe pushing off from the ground last, as if you’re pressing powerfully and consciously into a mat. One foot then leaves the ground, and the other foot follows.

What about hard surfaces in town?

Barefoot aims to give our feet maximum freedom with as many natural stimuli as possible, so it’s important to measure and assess every shoe for your particular foot. If the shoes fit our feet properly, wearing them all day on urban hard surfaces is a breeze. The problem is not the hard surfaces - the foot has its own mechanisms for dealing with that, but unsuitable footwear, which can mean that some parts of the body do not get used properly for many years, thus undermining the body’s natural mechanisms.

Changing the type of footwear is one part of the solution, but we also need to think about changing our movement patterns. If we walk in shoes that restrict our feet for our entire life, it changes the way we move. Some parts of the foot will stiffen, other parts will weaken, and that will even affect the way we stand. So it’s also a good idea to include suitable exercises to develop our feet, and start using our feet CONSCIOUSLY. The beneficial effects will be considerable, and not only for our feet.