Milagro Barefoot all-year-round boots - blue

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So comfortable you don’t realise you have them on

Luks Barefoot boots are so soft, roomy and minimalist that you don’t even know you have them on. They’re also ideal for those colder summers and milder winters, for spring and autumn too - in fact, for all the year round! You can lace them up tightly or more loosely for the perfect fit for your instep. For colder weather, we recommend that you slip our Merino wool insole into your boots.

The soles are specially designed to give you maximum slip-resistance and grip.



  • The most versatile boots from our workshop
  • You can wear them from spring to autumn, and even in milder winters
  • The lace-up fastening lets you adjust the boots to your instep height
  • Team them up with our Merino insoles
  • The higher ankles keep the dirt out of your shoes


  • You may have to loosen the lacing to help you put the boots on more easily


Let your feet function naturally

The Barefoot style is all about allowing your feet to function naturally and making them stronger. Barefoot shoes have ample room for your toes, soft and flexible soles, and supple and flexible uppers and outer sections, which mean that the boots as a whole are flexible.

Barefoot footwear is suitable even if you have bunions (hallux valgus) and fallen transverse or longitudinal arches. Walking in Barefoot shoes has a positive effect on these conditions, especially if you incorporate suitable foot exercises.


Choosing the right size

The shoes from our workshop may seem slightly bigger on the feet, and the leather will loosen by a few mm as you wear them in, so we recommend choosing a smaller size as our customers normally do.

We recommend that you follow our guide when measuring your feet to choose the right size. You can find detailed instructions on this page. We recommend adding an overlength of 3 – 5 mm to your measured length, and use this figure to choose your right size. Whether your foot type is ‘Egyptian’ or ‘Roman‘, the ample toe room will ensure a perfect fit. 

If you have wider feet, don’t worry about the width measurements. The listed width shows the distance between the stitching on both sides of the shoe, but there will be ample room for your feet.

Use our guide to choosing the right size, and if you’re not sure about your size, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, and we’ll be happy to help.


Sole: 4.5 mm
The total height of the smallest size (36): 10,6 cm
Style: lace-up
Material: leather
Season: spring/autumn
Gender: women, unisex

Maintaining your shoes

Before you wear them for the first time, we recommend treating your boots with the Nano leather spray for textile and leather and if they’re dirty a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use oil-based leather sprays as the leather would darken, and this change is irreversible! Don’t dry them by any direct heat source.


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Colour: blue
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B Avatar of author | 18/02/2020
I really like these shoes, they are super comfy and very pretty! They are now part of my office outfit! The blue colour is really nice, much better than I expected. It fits very well with jeans. I recommend to buy the Merino winter insoles with them so you can enjoy them even if you tend to have cold feet like me...they have perfect fit and isolate the cold from the ground, especially if you would use them in the city.
LS Avatar of author | 17/04/2019
These boots are comfortable, beautiful, soft, and warm. I ordered the sheepskin insole. I was apprehensive of the sizing, but ended up going with size 42 for my 26.9cm feet, which gives a space window of .8cm, .3cm more than recommended. They fit slightly big when barefoot, but with socks and the sheepskin insole they are a perfect fit. To wear barefoot without insole, I would order the next size down. They are WARM: I am frequently amazed at how hot my feet feel after walking with these out in the cold. It's so wonderful to be able to feel the ground and stay warm. I don't wear them out when it's wet because I'd like to keep them soft. Walking in these shoes is therapeutic for the feet, sort of like a constant massage. They do look 'different': they don't pass for 'normal' shoes as well as some of my Vivobarefoots do, so be prepared for some questions or comments (almost always positive). I use these moments as opportunities to share how awesome barefoot shoes are. My feet feel great these days, and that feeling is irreplaceable.
SO Avatar of author | 11/02/2019
I really, really LOVE these shoes! When I unpacked them, i immediately noticed that they are exactly like the photographs and the description provided on the website. The outside leather is soft and true tot the colour blue in the pictures. They are lined with natural coloured leather, which gives a luxurious feel to my feet, when I am barefoot in the shoes. The sizing is perfect to my feet, as I followed the measure instructions on your site. I really like the natural shape of the shoes, which give my feet and toes plenty of room to move and play. And I like it a lot that these shoes look so different to any other shoes, even barefoot shoes. Big holes for the laces makes it easier to tie the laces. I ordered the merino wool insoles for the winter time. They ware very warm, so I can keep my feet barefoot in the shoes in colder weather. I get a lot of compliments on my special shoes! People like the odd shape and anyone can see that they must be like 'pantoffels' (Dutch for slippers) on my feet.