Plumas Barefoot all-year-round boots - brown

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Our men’s universal Barefoot boots, made of luxurious dark brown leather, are the first of their kind with the anatomically shaped toe area which matches the actual shape of your foot, and they look superb. They are best suited to the type of foot with a dominant big toe. However if your feet have a dominant second toe, these boots are also for you. All you need do is choose a slightly longer overlength so that the second toe doesn’t touch the tip of the boot.

Thanks to all the care we take in their design, they stay in place on the feet perfectly and the foot doesn’t slide forward. It’s important to tighten the laces properly when putting the boots on so that they stay in place on the feet. If you don’t tighten the laces and the feet slide forward, the overlength serves no purpose and the Barefoot walking principle is compromised.

The wide anatomical toebox allows the toes to spread out widthways and support the transverse arch. Did you know that when you spread your toes out, the transverse arch is exercised and the foot muscles get a workout too?





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Colour: brown
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MC Avatar of author | 14/01/2021
I ordered them size 43, but unfortunately, they were too short. But no problem, I sent them back and got new ones, next size 44. But they were still to short :-( I think, my problem is, the longest toe is my 2nd one, not the big toe. But still no problem, Lukshoes exchanged them for another time to next size 45. And now they fit perfectly! I love to wear them, but at this time of year only inside. Because we have -10 °C as maximum during the day and about 1 m of snow. When it gets warmer, I will wear them outside too :-) Just great shoes :-)
FH Avatar of author | 13/10/2020
I love my new shoes! It‘s like wearing gloves on your feet. I wish all shoes from botyluks were available for sizes 43-46.
G Avatar of author | 20/04/2020
These shoes are excellent craftsmanship and made of supreme quality materials. They fit my feet perfectly and provide excellent barefoot feeling. Super soft, thin, flexible and beautiful. If you are between 2 sizes, chose the smaller one: the leather is so soft it adapts to for feet perfectly, in case your toe might touch the front. I usually wear a 44/45 and in these shoes 43 fits me perfectly. I did hesitate because of the high price initially as I have never bought any shoes this expensive. But I have to say they are worth every cent! The price fluctuates though, so got to be lucky I guess. Anyways, highly recommended!
PS Avatar of author | 04/04/2019
These boots are absolutely amazing and are definitely the most beautifully made leather boots I own. The leather is incredibly soft and stretches to fit your foot perfectly. The toe box is huge. Because of these two factors the sizing is a much more fitted approach. I followed the guidelines and the suggested size of 42 (I am usually a 44), but the shoes really do stretch out and they fit perfectly. Because of the tighter sizing they don’t have the clownish look that many barefoot shoes have. Between the beautiful leather, the craftmanship, and the European style, I get compliments on the shoes all the time. The difference between these shoes and those made by a giant corporation is significant: these feel like they were made just for me with a lot of skill and care that I much appreciate. They are not cheap, but they are an immense value and I will be purchasing another pair in a different style from Lukshoes.